Catalogue of band saws

mm mm mm mm
6,30x0,50 45,00x0,90S 110,00x1,10S 206,40x1,65S
10,00x0,50 50,00x0,90S 20,00x1,10S 231,80x1,65S
12,50x0,60S 60,00x1,00S 130,00x1,20S 260,40x1,83S
16,00x0,40S 63,00x1,00 130,20x1,07S 285,80x1,83S
16,00x0,50S 70,00x1,00S 140,00x1,20S 311,20x1,96S
20,00x0,60S 76,00x0,89 150,00x1,20S 311,20x2,11S
25,00x0,70S 79,40x1x25 150,00x1,30S 33618,60x2,11
30,00x0,70S 80,00x1,00S 155,60x1,25S 336,60x2,26
32,00x0,70S 85,00x1,00S 160,00x1,20S 362,00x2,26S
35,00x0,80S 90,00x1,00S 181,00x1,25S 362,00x2,41S
40,00x0,80S 100,00x1,00S 181,00x1,38S 387,40x2,57
40,00x0,90S 100,00x1,10S 206,40x1,47S 412,80x2,41

Catalogue of CMT tools